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Indian author Shahzad Rizvi writes poetry in Urdu and novels in English. His English novels are atlases of the human heart. Each is a love story, with elements of mystery, history, and romance.  Come explore his novels, stories, and poetry, that cover an imaginative range from greedy rulers in 19th century India to overwhelmed single mothers and political schemers in contemporary Washington, and even to worlds beyond Earth.


Indian author Shahzad Rizvi is among the liveliest and most versatile Indian novelists writing in English today.  His books tell poignant, funny, heartfelt stories of the human family. In his historical novels, he depicts the sights and sounds of India, with rich, colorful detail. The Last Resident, set in the time of British rule in India, depicts the cross-cultural love story of a British officer and an Indian princess.  Behind the Veil explores the emotional life of a feisty Indian woman secluded in purdah, as well as her large and loving family, as she grows from misty-eyed girl to sadder but wiser woman.  Dinner with the Dead concerns a paranormal romance, time travel, and lovers fated to be united across centuries, from the dark days of the Indian Mutiny in 1857 to a modern-day call center.

Shahzad Rizvi’s imagination, however, ranges far beyond India. In Mayu, he probes the life of a brilliant, complicated Finnish woman, trying to make a go of romantic relationships while coping with a troubled family legacy. In Last Flight from Earth, he ventures into science fiction. In a refugee colony on Mars, survivors of Earth’s final ecological catastrophe cope with love, murder, and tough choices. Woman with a Curve is a satirical Washington comedy of manners. Murder in the Dorm is a rollicking contemporary satire of university life, involving Mafia double-crosses, Pakistani refugees, and Hollywood wannabes.

In addition to novels, Shahzad Rizvi presents a collection of short stories, A Window in the Wall; a book of stories for children, The Boy who Flew; and a selection of poetry, Scattered Petals.

Each of his books is available in paperback and in most e-book formats.

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