Behind the Veil

In a downtown bookstore in Bhopal, India, a young English lit student meets a rough stranger and his life is changed forever. When he follows the gruff Nadim home for dinner, Shamim meets his unexpectedly lovely wife Rashida. Confronted by her beauty, he learns the first of many lessons she has to teach him --that love is always unexpected.  Once a wealthy and educated woman, Rashida tells Shamim how she came to be sitting before him, a story of love, misbegotten hope, and disappointment. Despite the turmoil and oppression surrounding them, Shamim is awed by Rashida and her hope for a different destiny. With faith in nothing more than love, the two embark on their own unexpected love story and set out to overcome the trials before them. Set in the midst of an India in the grip of change, the story captures life before India's independence from the British Empire and the trials that come with the birth of a new world.  The clashes of caste, class, religion and idealism that divided the nation are perfectly intertwined with each character’s story and paint a breathtaking picture of the social, political and religious landscape of an India in its early days of Independence. Behind the Veil explores the reality of human nature and the changing faith in destiny through the eyes of a Muslim woman and a young man as they try to carve out a place for their love amongst the prejudice of the people around them.

Read Review by Brittany Searle.