Last Flight from Earth

After the Earth is destroyed, Jemima escapes to Mars and is offered a second chance at life. Surrounded by advanced robots and mind-blowing technology, she is introduced to an alien race called Starloids and faced with the choice to become one of them or live among the human survivors as a refugee on their planet.

When Jemima meets Star, a human turned Starloid who doesn’t remember his life before he was changed, he introduces her to the adventures that await her on Mars and the advantages of adapting to survive. Mourning her family and her former love Imran, she contemplates a new start without the painful memories of Earth.

While visiting the human colony with Star, Jemima is shocked and delighted to find that her parents also escaped alive. She is introduced to their savior, Scott. Jemima’s parents hope that Scott will help Jemima forget Imran.

But Star has already begun to heal Jemima’s heart by understanding her and helping her family survive. Despite the deep differences between their races, the two cannot deny the chemistry they share.

However, everyone is not what they seem on Mars. One person with a dark past threatens the survival of the remaining human race.

Set among the stars, The Last Flight from Earth is a post-apocalyptic fairytale populated with characters both fearsome and lovable. It’s a message about the fate of humans, their drive to survive, and most importantly, the undeniable fact that love truly is a universal language.

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