Murder In The Dorm

For the students of Excellent College, campus life is about much more than studying. Sabahat, the child of Pakistani immigrants, chases her dream of saving humanity from a terrible illness. Cary Grant, a dead ringer for the movie star, finds himself literally dodging bullets as he discovers that everything--and everyone--has a price. Mob princess CC takes what she wants when she wants it, until her greed takes her just one step too far.

The college president’s efforts at dramatic reform throw the community into ever-increasing turmoil, including accusations of tax evasion, insistent paparazzi, and threats from the Mafia and the FBI.

Satire, mystery and crime fiction rolled into one comic romp, Shahzad Rizvi’s Murder in the Dorm is an enthralling story full of culture clashes, ill-fated meetings, Mafia turf wars, political intrigues and misguided decisions. Memorable characters like doting godfather Carlo Carlavani and visionary crackpot Dr. Fixit populate this fun novel. From page to page, you’ll have no idea what to expect.

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Murder in the Dorm, despite its title, is not a whodunit. The murder mystery plays a relatively minor role in the book, which might more accurately be characterized as a love story, a satire, and a comic romp. Almost everything is fair game for affectionate satirical treatment: international organizations, academia, Mafia turf wars, Hollywood, immigrants, and government, for starters. The plot takes several sharp turns that will surprise and delight readers.

Many stories teem in the pages of Murder in the Dorm. Two families of refugees in Pakistan help each other survive and maintain their dignity. An academic causes worldwide economic panic with an ill-considered speech. A family eagerly prepares to audition a groom for their daughter. A Mafia don’s bimbo girlfriend turns the tables on him. A renowned Hollywood actress gets a nasty surprise from a tyro. Each subplot is woven together into a fast-paced and humorous whole.