Woman with a Curve

Maxie Little and Minnie LeGrand could not be more different.  Minnie is determined to work hard and earn her place in the world, while Maxie dreams of being whisked away by a knight in shining amour. Minnie is kind and goal-oriented, Maxie overbearing and selfish. The only thing they have in common is a dream to make more of their lives. Everything changes for the childhood friends when Minnie rescues Bob, a successful businessman, from illness. He offers her a job in Washington DC that Maxie will not let her refuse.  The two young women find themselves in the nation’s capital, surrounded by people Minnie hopes to impress and Maxie to ensnare with her charms.

However, for the two small-town women, Washington is not what it seems. Underneath its facade of truth, honor and freedom is a city ruled by men and women who will do anything to succeed. Struggling for success and happiness, Minnie and Maxie must choose between integrity and power, and what they decide will affect the future of their friendship and the outcomes of their lives.

Filled with colorful characters, Woman with a Curve is a political satire that explores the challenges of women in a man’s world, the price of fame, and the sex and intrigue behind the scenes of Washington politics. Author Shahzad Rizvi’s humorous and engaging book reminds us that sometimes the best things come to those who wait.

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The two main characters of Woman with a Curve are girlhood friends Minnie and Maxie, who come to the Washington area from a small town. Efficient, conscientious Minnie begins a rise to the heights of prominence through a chance encounter with a stranger who has taken ill. Her compassion is rewarded when her visitor brings her on as an assistant, and later on as a partner, in his career and life. Brash Maxie ruthlessly pursues her own quest for prominence by any means necessary, including exploitation of her sexual charms. In time, she rises to dizzying heights of power and acclaim, before a spectacular downfall.

Along the way, readers encounter examples of a unique breed of characters that could be found only inside the Beltway. The unforgettable Sharpie—exterminator, political operative, schemer, and senator — will do anything for the spotlight. His political fortunes begin when he stumbles upon a rival in a most compromising position. The vain, vapid President risks all to fulfill his sexual appetites. The First Lady is only one tiny step short of snapping.

Real-life Washington is full of characters whose exploits, appetites, and utterances almost defy parody. But Rizvi has created a funny, lively, imaginary Washington that will have readers shaking their heads and snorting with recognition.