Poem - Ghame Dauran aur Ghame Janan

The Pain of Love and the Pain of Life

Are two banks of the same river, two wheels of the same vehicle.

When a man comes of age,

When he steps across the threshold of maturity,

they both welcome him,

They enter on their own into his life.

The pain of life is rooted solidly in the earth,

While the pain of love wanders the beautiful valleys of the imagination.

In the pain of life, one makes a living, performs one’s duties,

Tends to the needs of others;

Frustration, disappointment, hardship, worries,

Hard knocks, exhaustion, and poverty are one’s destiny.

In the pain of love, tender conversations take place

Amid the colors of spring, rich imagination, union and separation,

Promises, vows to live and die together--

All these things make the heart roam the vales of love.

There are not many who win the battle in both fields;

Often, the serpent of worldly pain swallows the fish that is love’s pain,

And then life becomes a mere compromise;

The fire of love changes to cold ash,

And the pain of the beloved is reduced to a wreck of memories.

The souls of Layla and Majnun wander in a lonely wilderness,

Calling out to each other but hearing only silence.

Note: Layla and Majnun are tragic lovers in Arab and Persian mythology, driven mad by grief at their separation.