Poem - Hamdam



(My Partner—literally, the one who breathes with me)
For Becky

I have no idea of my destination;
As I go, travelers point in some direction or other,
And, following their lead, I march off in the indicated way.
Their direction leads me astray, and I wander for years,
Facing many trials and difficulties, beset by highwaymen.
At last I return home, heartbroken, bereft of hope.
Then, all of a sudden, a sweet voice reaches me in my semi-consciousness;
I think it is just an illusion or a dream.
I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder,
And I am face to face with a tender woman.
She says, “Do you need a travelling companion?
We can share each other’s burdens and be partners.
We can face the difficulties of life together,
We can guide each other.”
At last I realize that this is no dream, no illusion;
All my pain goes away, my hopes and aspirations
Take on a new color, and I embark with new determination,
Alongside my partner, my fellow traveler, to my true destination.