Poem - Kaleed-e-Zindagi

The Key to Life

Why do you shed tears about the years gone by?

Look upon the present with smiles.

There are innumerable springs in the folds of its garment,

And thousands of stars shine through it.

The joys of life are arrayed within it,

While hidden inside it is the mystery of the future.

If you are in search of the key to life,

Take a peek within your own soul:

Thousands of paths await your steps.

You have wasted time looking to others,

Thinking that they held the key to the mystery,

That the solutions you sought could come from their minds,

That their advice could guide you to the resolution.

In this error, you have weakened your own understanding,

And treated the wealth of wisdom within you with contempt.

You found others’ grass so green that you rushed over,

Leaving everything of your own behind in your haste.

Now come to your senses and open your eyes.

Your gifts have been eagerly waiting to welcome you.

Embrace them and change your life.

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that one who leaves in the morning

But comes back by evening was never truly lost.