Poem - Such aur Jhoot

Lies and Truth

Lies and truth are two sides of a single coin,

A coin that we carry with us everywhere.

No bank takes this coin, no merchant values it;

It is only useful as a symbol of our moral choices.

When we gaze down at it in a confused state,

Both lies and truth look hopeful of their acceptance.

This moment of deliberation becomes the test of who we are.

Sometimes a fog arises between truth and lies,

Sometimes the Ganges flows both forward and backward.

The line separating lies and truth is important in politics,

Thus do politicians often change their tune after elections.

Telling lies is often beneficial to them;

By means of lies, they hear the siren calls of wealth and power.

When time-servers busy themselves leading the sons of Adam astray,

Then truth-tellers, like lighthouses, pierce the darkness

To bring back the lost souls, and guide lost ships to the coast.