Poem - Yade Dore Rafta

In Days Gone By

I often talk to a gentleman

Who has a long list of complaints against the present era;

He carries it everywhere, close to his heart.

He says, “In this era everything is heading for decline:

Now there is no pleasure in people, songs, food;

Stability and elegance are becoming rarities on this earth.

Now at every breath people change, fashions change, faiths hange.

Now you find the old values only in books or in dreams.”

I murmur, “Progress and change are the way of the world,”

But he replies, “Such changes may go to Hell,

That transform familiar life into strangeness.

A car lacks what a horse-driven carriage had,

Email misses the intimacy of a handwritten letter.

Now evenings have been snatched away by computers and TVs;

People no longer sit down and talk to each other,

Young people no longer know the art of conversation.”

I took refuge in concurrence with him and bid him farewell,

Climbed into my modern, brand new car,

Texted my wife and then, with the help of GPS, set out for home.