Shahzad Rizvi's poems embrace the noble literary traditions of Urdu while treating a wide range of contemporary themes as well. He has published three volumes of poetry, Chalte Chalte. Khwab Zindagi Ke, and most recently, Mohabbaton Ka Safar. Several sample poems appear below, accompanied by videos of the poet reading his work and English translations.




Aftaab The Sun
Auraqe Zindagi Pages of Life
Darya River
Ghame Dauran aur Ghame Janan Pain of Love and Pain of Life
Ghaybana Muhabbat Love Sight Unseen
Hamdam My Partner
Hamkhyal Like-Minded
Insan aur Main Humanity and Me
Ishq aur Mot Love and Death
Kaleed-e-Zindagi The Key to Life
Karawan Caravan
Kya Hua What Happened?
Maghrib ki Reet Western Traditions
Main aur Maikhana The Tavern
Mulaqat Meeting
Such aur Jhoot Lies and Truth
Tum You
Waqt Time
Yade Dore Rafta In Days Gone By

Love’s Journey is a collection of English translations of the Urdu poems from Mohabbaton ka Safar. It is expected to be available summer 2015.

For more videos of Dr. Rizvi's poetry readings, click here and here.